Improved Loyalty Program
ROI by 400%


We are a customer loyalty consulting practice. We are committed to improving loyalty program performance at the member level. We have the skillset, capability, and experience to design, assess, and analyze loyalty programs

We are trusted advisers to clients on loyalty strategy focusing on:

  1. Assess - existing program performance or optimal parameters of new programs
  2. Design - program updates and/or pilot programs
  3. Implement/Measure – utilize incremental customer measurement to plan, execute, and monitor loyalty programs
We bring a solid foundation of consumer insight and research methodologies, data analysis and modeling into our loyalty planning process.

We improve loyalty programs.

Loyalty Journey

A loyalty program needs to be modular in design to allow for a plug and play deployment based on your company’s objectives. There is no cookie cutter solution available for every company. What your consumers require throughout the duration of your program will not be the same as another company. Our loyalty solutions allow your company the flexibility to customize your program based on your decided objectives.

To understand the options available, select the goals you want to achieve from our Loyalty Grid below. Rollover each option to learn more about each program objective.

Loyalty value
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Your Loyalty Plan

Loyalty value:

What members want:

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Marketing campaigns:

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